A Monster Seeking Honor!

Anders Behring Breivik is a young man who believes God or someone has annointed him with power to spread the word of God or truth throughout Europe.  His first step in the path to honor was to cold bloodedly murder 77 people in Norway, most of him being youths. In an Oslo court, the well dressed young man smirked and laughed as though expecting to be acclaimed by one and all. Breivik insists the murders were simply a strike against “traitors” and an attempt to prevent an “Islamic colonization of Norway.”

Breivik asked the judge to release him and demanded that a military honor be awarded a person who killed 77 innocent people. He provided the court a 1,500 page compedium of nonsense which somehow blames anti-religion Karl Marx with being an ally of Muslims!

He is simply a sad young man living in a sad inner world in which reality never lights the darkness.