A Mosque Too Far In Moscow

One doubts if Tea Party activists or Glenn Beck are involved in what transpires in Russia, but it appears anti-Muslim activists are also found in the environs of Moscow. Residents of Moscow’s northeast outskirts are upset at plans to construct a mosque in which people pray to God. Over 2,000 people signed a petition which was sent to President Medvedev urging him to put a halt to constructing a mosque on their holy ground. Most probably, the great Ivan the Terrible killed a few thousand in that area or, perhaps, dear old Joseph Stalin had a few thousand worked to death in this sacred ground of Mother Russia. Residents are worried about traffic jams since Muslims have many holidays and thus the area would be filled with swarms of Muslims. After all, one does not know how many terrorists are found in a crowd of Muslims. As of this moment, the correct legal papers have been signed permitting construction, but when people begin to shout, “sacred ground,” the future remains uncertain.

There are about 1.8 million Muslims in the Moscow area which contains nearly 10 million people. By the law of statistics, one would assume a few mosques are in order.