A Mother In India Fights For Justice Against Honor Killing

Chandrapati is a mother in a small village in India where she lived with two daughters and her two sons. One son, Manoj, fell in love with a girl from the village whose father opposed their decision to marry. One day, parents of the girl murdered her along with the husband. Chandrapati soon discovered the village had turned against her when she filed charges with the police to get the murderers arrested. In this village, no one had ever been jailed for killing a daughter who had disobeyed parents. She was ostracized by her fellow visitors. “No one even talks with us.” but due to media coverage the police finally had to accept her complaint and initiate an investigation.

The girl’s father initially charged her with being the murderer and then he offered to pay money, but the death of a son could not be satisfied with blood money. For the first time, a court found an honor killer guilty of murder. “Had I not fought, it would have worsened and they’d have chased us out of the village.”

To this fighting mother, “to those who want to fight should now know they can.” A small victory, but a first step in the battle to end honor killing, or should we say, “dishonor killing.”