A Mother In Search Of A Son

Occasionally, one comes across a story that is so bizarre as to increase the desire to understand how humans think in their daily lives. Aimee Sword became pregnant, had a son, decided she could not afford to raise him, gave him up for adoption, turned the child over to new parents and decided not to know anything further about the child. Nine years passed, and something in Ms. Sword led her to desire having further information regarding what had happened to the boy. This is a normal feeling. She initiated an investigation and finally was able to track down the boy who was now sixteen years old. At this point, the story becomes weird. She was able to arrange a meeting with the boy, they talked, apparently there was some form of reconciliation and the story should conclude with two happy people. But the story did not end at that point. Ms. Sword decided she wanted to have sex with her son, aroused his passion and they had sexual relations.

Her affair with the boy became known to authorities and she was jailed. Ms.Sword agreed to a plea bargain under which she will spend nine years in jail. It is just another story among the million that appear in the world media. It will be forgotten by tomorrow.

Does anyone really understand we humans?

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    I think is a really touching story, but as you said, it is going to be forgotten by tomorrow.