A Muslim Child Hero

There is a tendency among American and other western nations to discuss “Muslims” as though actions by those in al-Qaeda or similar terrorist organizations represents the typical person who believes in the Muslim religion. It reminds me of my initial encounter in 1954 at the University of Paris. Students eagerly sought me out to inquire about my contact and relations with “Chicago gangsters” or had I ever been involved in hanging any Negroes from trees. In many of their minds, to be an “American” meant one was connected to criminals, the KKK or fighting Indians. At best, one percent of Muslims are involved in any type of violence. Most people of the Muslim faith go about their daily lives concerned about their job or their family or their love life. Aitazaz Hassan Bangash was a 9th grade student at school and was walking to his school and chatting with a cousin. He noticed a grown man wearing school colors. The man approached the boys and asked directions to the school. Aitazaz though this was curious and began to pester the man with questions. A fight broke out as the man attempted to flee. He became frightened and pulled a string on his suicide bomber vest blowing self and Aitazas up. Both died.

Just another tale of the TYPICAL Muslim. The boy probably saved the lives of dozens. He simply wanted to go to school and be a good student. I doubt if many anti-terror groups will discuss this boy. Aitazaz represents what is good in all religions. As his father put it: “I am happy that my son has become a martyr by sacrificing his life for a noble cause.” Let us also honor those of the Muslim faith who seek peace in the world!