A New America

Those of the right continually insist they represent the “true Americans” and seek a return to the America that once existed. In that America, people worked hard, did not depend upon “the government” and taxes were very low. There is no question that taxes were lower in the 19th century, but they definitely were not in the twentieth. From 1945 to the 1980s our tax rate was never lower than 70% and under the administration of that radical Communist, Dwight Eisenhower, it reached 91%. What was different in those days?

1. Strong unions negotiated for workers so wages were higher-proportionately than today.

2. Middle class people earned more money, purchased more goods and had greater opportunities for economic advancement.

3. A central focus of “the government” was assisting the middle class.

4. The number of jobs was growing.

Today, 400 American families earn more than 150,000,000 Americans. A rich person drinks a glass a milk each day. 150,000,000 Americans who drink a glass of milk results in 150,000,000 glasses of milk each day versus 400. The issue for America is returning to a vibrant middle class society in which people earn decent wages and can purchase GOODS!

Today, we have companies that keep their money in overseas accounts and never return this money to America for job creation. Reality-when taxes were higher our economy grew faster. Figure out solutions