A New Convert To Islam In Blair Family

I have never been one for conspiracy theories but events are unfolding that boggle the mind. Tony Blair has become a devout Muslim, the government of Iran is engaged in bribing the government of Afghanistan, and Tony’s sister in law has converted and become a Muslim. Lauren Booth was on a visit to Iran and went to the holy city of Qom. In the twilight of the day, she sat down and suddenly, voila–she became a Muslim. “It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, must absolute bliss and joy.” After returning home to England, Lauren rushed to the nearest mosque and announced she was now a Muslim. Ms. Booth now prays five times a day and wears the niqab. I encountered two stories –one about Iran bribing Afghan government leaders and now about Ms. Booth becoming a Muslim. It makes one wonder what ever happened to people receiving a message from up on high about becoming a Christian? One day Tony is a Catholic, the next day, he will become–a Muslim? So, does this all mean there are secret Muslims in our government? Does this mean the Tea Party got the wrong guy by focusing on Obama’s African roots? Or, were they right that a man with the name of Barack just must be a Muslim?

My question is where does George Bush fit in this equation? He claims to be chopping wood in Texas, but has anyone checked what he does at twilight? Is it possible he is receiving a shot of Muslim morphine and since he already has gone through one conversion, is there another in his future?

Has anyone checked out Tea Party leaders as to their Muslim connections? Their ideas will result in the ruin of America, does this mean they are all Muslim secret agents bent on our country’s destruction?

  • Moulana Hussain

    Wish for the very best success of her future.
    Religions right is a form of human rights. I also one of a God believers. We really need to accept the fact that Lady Bouth has converted into Islam. There is no other opinion that relegions are one of the main contributors to dividence of the mankind. What is the religion the God is favour?. Is it islam or Christianity? Is that the quality of the God to be favour for one and unfavour to the other.
    Are those qualities really attributable to the God?
    My first religion is humanity. So my opinion my religion is to look at the convertance of Lady Bouth in the way I mentioned.