A New Era Of Coalition Governments?

The people of Australia went to the polls, cast their ballots and apparently no political party was able to secure the 76 seats needed to constitute a majority in Parliament. It is likely, that Julia Gillard, who heads the Labor party will have to reach out to Greens or other independents who won seats in order to secure the needed 76. Her party most probably will obtain 72 and thus needs an additional four votes. This is the first coalition government in Australia in about 70 years and follows the pattern established in the United Kingdom where a new coalition government is in power, the first one in decades. Is the world witnessing an historic shift as people decide they do not wish a single party to have a majority in their legislature? The United States is entering a period in which the Republican party is split and any moderates find themselves not only part of a minority party, but a minority in their own party. Germany will require some form of coalition government as, most probably will France.

We suggest existing parties lack a coherent platform to present to their voters that addresses needs of the 21st century. Political parties have run out of ideas in this first decade of the new century. The world awaits innovative political leaders but none appears to be present– in any democratic nation of the world, Welcome to being clueless on planet Earth.