A New Future For Muammar Gaddafi

It is quite clear that Libyan rebels do not want Muammar Gaddafi to have a role in the future of their country. We believe rebels have failed to explore other employment opportunities for the Libyan leader. Examine his qualifications:

1. He enjoys ranting and raving about spies and enemies in his nation.

2. He loves himself and will talk about himself for hours.

3. He presents an image of a fighter who stands up for the truth.

4. He regards himself as the only true patriot in his nation.

5. It does not bother him if Libyans are dying due to lack of food or medical care.

6. He is the wealthiest person in Libya and regards protection of his wealth as critical to the country’s survival.

7. He regards Barack Obama as a foreigner seeking to destroy his nation.

8. He has no concern over driving his nation into bankruptcy.

9. He has never shown his birth certificate to anyone.

10. Making money and living well are his highest interests.

This list fits exactly the qualities desired in a presidential candidate for the Republican party. HOW ABOUT MUAMMAR GADDAFI AS REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012??

OK, if you want, he WILL show his birth certificate!