A New Guerrilla War In Ukraine

I understand the frustration and fatigue of the American people who have endured over a decade of war in foreign places where people fight and die, and Americans are engaged in un-explicable events. A war is beginning in eastern Ukraine between the government and “separatists.” It would be one thing if these “separatists” actually represented the people of areas such as Luhansk, but it increasingly is clear those fighting are Russians who have been armed by the Russian government. Only a fool would believe that “separatists” could possess modern weapons and have military training that enables them to launch attacks.

It is time for the US and NATO to dispatch arms and ammunition. It is time to dispatch military advisors, not to fight, but to train and equip a Ukraine army that can put amend to separatists. There is NO need for American forces to engage in military action, but they can engage in training and offer modern equipment and helicopters for the fighting that must occur if Ukraine is to gain peace.