A New Offense In Afghanistan

President Obama went along with recommendations from General McChyrstal about the need for 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan in order to complete the job of wiping out the Taliban. American soldiers, along with Afghan troops, are presently conducting a large operation near the town of Lashkar Gah which is held by the Taliban. The Taliban is preventing any of the 80,000 people from fleeing, and undoubtedly many will die when American and Afghan soldiers open fire on the town. The town is noted as a center of opium trading, and within hours or days the population will be subject to artillery fire and soldiers entering the town in order to kill the Taliban. The message to the Afghan people is to keep your heads down and stay inside.

The issue is not whether US and Afghan troops will be able to gain control of the town. That is a certainty. The issue is whether dozens of innocent civilians will die. This may well be one of those “victories” which gains the town and strengthens the power of the Taliban.

Oh, by the way, where is Rush and Glenn and when will they blast Obama for not supporting our troops? On the other hand, does “support our troops” mean get them out of harm’s way and send them home?