A Nipple Too Far In Indonesia

Playboy magazine has been around for sixty years showing pictures of young girls in scanty outfits or even naked. As far as we have been able to determine, there is no report of a naked Playboy girl inspiring violence against society. Erwin Arnada, former editor of Playboy Indonesia has been arrested and soon will begin a two year sentence for violating the nation’s decency laws. It was argued showing off the tits of women was harmful to moral in the secular country of 210 million Muslims. Actually, Playboy Indonesia was not exactly a carbon copy of Playboy, USA. It has photos of girls in underwear and occasionally with partially exposed breasts, but there were other magazines being sold which went further in the naked department. Human rights activist, haris Azhar, noted: “look at the pictures.. the magazine was adapted so as not to offend our culture.” Fundamentalists are happy although one wonders if there are moments in which they would love sneaking a peak at the desired.

One can only assume that Aranada went a breast too far. He undoubtedly nippled at the extreme boundaries of decency.