A Pakistan Immigrant–In Racist Free Sweden?

Nabeel Shehzad, a Palistani engineer, immigrated to Sweden for education and to enjoy what he believed was life in a nation that did not discriminate against those who were different. Here is what he wrote in The Local about his life in Sweden:

“As long as you are a student, you normally mix with international or Swedish students, which itself is a wonderful experience. You normally don’t find discrimination of any kind, probably because your spectrum is not that broad, and you normally don’t meet many working class Swedish people. But once you complete your studies you look for a job and it is from this point on tht you start to see a different side of the picture.” (he obtained a job and moved)

“I soon found that looking for accomodation became a never ending quest. People were willing to rent out their apartments to me as I was earning good money. Everything was fine unless they actually met me and got to kow that I was an immigrant. Then I got the big, no.” (He discovered in Gothenburg most apartment offers were in areas where immigrants lived).

“Then there is discrimination in everyday life. Whenever an immigrant sits on a bus or tram and leaves on empty seat next to him, I have found that the probability of a Swedish person sitting next to him/her is almost zero. When the bus gets absolutely full, most people would prefer to stand than sit next to an immigrant. It’s almost like they think we stink of rotten fish…I am not saying there is nothing good in Sweden. In fact, most things are absolutely wonderful. The system works superbly, but the behavior of Swedish people is really strange.”