There is no doubt of the existence within America of a concerted program to embarrass and humiliate one of this nation’s pre-eminent thinkers–Sarah Palin. Members of the media wait in the shadows of hate to spring unfair questions at this wonderful and bright human being. Of course, anyone could be surprised by a trick question such as, “who was vice president of the USA in 1949?” Sarah is God’s gift to this nation and we should admire and respect her for the fights led against forces of evil. Sarah was attending a press party when suddenly, out of the blue some devious Democratic member of the media popped a strange question in her direction: “who is the most influential journalist in your opinion?” This is an unfair question. It assumes the respondent knows members of the media, the question assumes the respondent reads newspapers or watches important journalists on TV or on the radio!

Sarah staggered under the brunt of the question for a moment and said: “oh, my goodness that’s a great question.” Like a decent loving wife, she turned to her hubby, Todd, to solicit his opinion, but Todd was busy downing a beer and could only burp. He forced Sarah to again become reflective, ‘I’ll have to think about it. OK, Because there are so many journalists.”

I realize the liberal media wants to poke fun at this reflective and thoughtful person. She DID know there were many journalists, how many people know that? She just did not want to respond with the first thing that entered her mind. You have to understand that her mind only handles just so many questions at one time. But, she did wander away and ran into Fox News Greta Van Susteren and returned to give her answer–Greata!

So, the bottom line, LIBERAL MEDIA, is that Sarah Palin Does So Know a Journalist! So, there!