A Peace Proposal For Israel-Palestine?

Former Israel foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, blasted the latest effort by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for peace with Palestinians. Netanyahu offered a plan which gave Palestinians a temporary border until the final one could be determined. It is clear the prime minister is concerned about recent events in the Middle East which resulted in ouster of Arab leaders such as former President Mubarak since the Egyptian leader worked closely with Israel officials. Netanyahu has finally recognized the world is AGAINST current Israel policy toward Palestinians. On his right are the settlers who believe God gave them everything in the Middle East, on his left is the European Union and the US which wants concessions that have meaning. So, what could Netanyahu propose?

1. An immediate end to further construction of settlements in Jerusalem or on the West Bank.

2. Agree that East Jerusalem will be the capital of a new Palestinian state.

3. Establish a joint Israel, Palestinian and EU commission which would supervise all important religious sites.

4. Turn over to the Palestinian Authority supervision of Gaza entrance points along with UN forces in order to ensure there is no transfer of military equipment, either in or out of Gaza.

5. Establish a Mediterranean Economic Union which would begin creating the basis of an EU in the region.

6. Establish joint Palestinian-Israel economic ventures to stimulate technology development in Arab nations.

7. Establish a joint Israel and Palestinian Authority to develop water use policy.

8. Establish a joint Palestinian-Israel Education Commission to work toward removing bias and hate from school curriculums.