A Penis In Your Future?

I’m just an old fashioned man who enjoys the delights of eating candy or pretzels and has never become involved in the pursuit of drugs or anything that can get me “high.” In my narrow world, getting “high” means shouting for joy when the New York Football Giants pull out a victory or walking through a park as spring just arrives. I have never smoked anything or engaged in alcoholic brews so the great conflict over marijuana is simply for me “much ado about nothing.” Ryan Anthony Kevorkian and his wife and two friends inhabit a much different world. They were told that a man who runs a medical marijuana dispensary had made thousands and thousands of dollars, which for some strange reason, he had hidden in the forest rather than sending it to some off shore bank.

Anyway, they kidnapped the man, beat the hell out of him, burned off his penis with a blow torch and finally dumped the guy. They did make away with the penis to ensure it was not reattached. They never did find any money, but they did get a penis. I guess they wanted another prick to go with the pricks they have or-are!