A Pox On All Your Houses!

in a blistering editorial appearing in the Lebanon Daily Star, the editors blasted area leaders for problems confronting nations in the region. The editorial noted how in the fifties, Gamal Nasser and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia clashed but still had respect for one another. The Arab League never has been able to exert forceful leadership, but today according to the editorial, “it resembles more a confederation of mafia dons” than an organization capable of bringing about peaceful resolutions of conflicts. In a powerful closing sentence, the paper concluded: “America and Israel have done plenty of damage to this part of the world, but its own rulers have gone along for the ride and/or cashed in on the consequences.”

I thought the Lebanon Daily Star called it honestly. American and Israeli policies have been inept, but fault for the present situation also lies in the lap of so-called Arab and Muslim leaders.