A Prisoner For A House

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come up with an interesting approach to halting progress on peace with Palestinian leaders. In effect, he has created a swap market by supposedly giving American negotiators something in order to continue expanding Israel presence on the West Bank. Israel Maretz leader Zehavba Gal-On terms it swapping the release of prisoners who have rotted in jail for a dozen years in exchange for building hundreds of new homes on the West Bank and making it increasingly impossible to reach a compromise agreement. As she notes, “Netanyahu is giving the American administration the finger” of scorn. I will give you some old men who have been inn prison and you will give me permission to build and build.

A peace agreement between Israel and Palestinian leader Abbas IS possible, but not until the American government makes clear it will halt all assistance to Israel until its leaders halt housing construction and reach an agreement with Palestinians. Yes, the refugee issue is difficult to resolve, but an offer that includes a Palestinian state can be accompanied with an offer of some form of financial compensation. Compromise entails EACH SIDE giving in.