A Program For Twenty First Century America!

This blog will focus this year upon describing how the United States of America must dramatically change its institutions in order to create an effective government for the twenty first century. We begin by discussing the need for governmental changes in our Constitution.

PRESIDENT: It is time to switch from an electoral system which might have been necessary during early years of the American Republic. It is time to end the Electoral College and shift to the winner of a presidential election being the candidate who won the most votes.


Congressional Districts. It is time to end gerrymandering of congressional districts which currently ensure that either a Democrat or a Republican will always win the specific district seat. Two choices are available- a National Commission for Congressional District that is appointed by the Supreme Court or:
In each state the American Bar Association appoints a bipartisan commission to carve out congressional districts.

US Senate:
The top three states with the largest populations would be allocated three additional US Senators
The following seven would be allocated anywhere from one to two additional US Senate seats.
The House of Representatives would be doubled in size-based on population.

US Supreme Court

After twenty five years of service on the Court or reaching the age of 85, a justice must then retire.
The recommendation for service on the US Supreme Court or any Court shall be by a majority vote in the US Senate.
No sitting president can nominate more than four justices during their service as president. A vacancy would be held over to the following president.

Attorney General: The office of Attorney General shall not be held by anyone who is of the same political party as the President of the United States of America.The President has the right to nominate officers in the Justice Department who are subordinate to the Attorney General.

The Right to Vote shall not be abridged by any State law.

In future pieces we will discuss other necessary changes for a 21st century America.