A Punch In Mouth Restores Berlusconi Popularity

Silvio Berlusconi has the ability of convincing Italians that he cares about their health and security even more than his own self interests. Oh, along the way, he might have some interesting encounters with attractive women, but for many Italians, their prime minister is merely administering to the needs of females by allowing them to satisfy their lust for publicity. Several days ago, a demented man punched Berlusconi in the mouth and broke one of his teeth. We trust it is not a tooth that is used in kissing. Since the attack, the prime ministers rating has risen three percentage points. When asked, 48% of Italians “trust him a lot.” Of course, there is no specification as to what they trust him to do– seduce women?

Perhaps, Tiger Woods might learn something about regaining the trust of people by studying the sexual antics of Berlusconi. First, always be seen in the company of a young attractive woman while proclaiming your love for your wife. Second, spend a day or night with a young woman and chalk it up to attending a rather lengthy birthday party. Tiger, do you know anyone who might do you a favor by punching your mouth? It is a guarantee of media concern for your health.