A Quiet Death

Kevin Lucey was a young man who was sent by his country to a far off place named Iraq. In that far off place, the nice young man engaged in what is termed, “fighting.” The 23 year old boy returned from Iraq in 2003 and on his first night at home threw his dog tags at a younger brother and yelled that he was nothing more than a murderer. His parents urged Kevin to seek counseling, but he was applying for a position in the state police, and felt going for psychiatric assistance would lead to being denied the position. Over the coming months, Kevin recounted to family members stories about killing Iraqis including several who were his prisoners. Finally, his parents persuaded him to go to the Veterans Administration for help. It took time to get appointments, and his parents were shocked that their son was released after a few days of treatment.

Days passed. Months passed. Years passed. On June 21 of this year after talking about suicide, Kevin asked his father if it was OK to sit in his lap as he did when a boy. The father rocked him. The next day his father found the body of his son hanging from a beam in the ceiling.

It was just another death that day. Kevin Lucey’s name will not appear on government lists of those killed in Iraq. That same day in Texas, former President Bush chopped wood.

  • Jackie Judd

    This stabbed me in my heart.