A Rabbi Too Far!

I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family which translates into spending my youth in the company of bearded men who were religious fanatics claiming to know the truth. I quickly departed from their presence in my life and sought the bright lights of enlightenment. A Rabinnical court in Israel heard divorce proceedings brought by a woman and agreed with her desire. The man fled Israel for safety in the United States. David Wax and his wife Judy decided when a Rabbi speaks, the world must listen. They lured the husband to their home on a false pretense of a job, bound him, threatened to kill him warning he would be murdered and his body buried in the Pocono Mountains of New York. They also demanded the man pay his wife about $94,000.

The story is not a momentous event in human history. It is simply another example of clerics who insist God speaks to them and you had better listen to their words of advice –or Else! David Wax and his wife are bullies, as are most members of a Rabinnical Court. They speak for God, who for some reason communicates with them about women seeking divorces. It is ironic how Rabbis and Muslim imams both claim they represent God. My life experience has taught me that anyone who insists God speaks to them is the most un-Godly person in the world. God does not speak to anyone. If you believe in God, keep him out of your stupid arguments. I have a hunch God must hold his head in agony over these religious bigots who lack God in their hearts.