A Republican In Israel-Money Power!!

Sheldon Adelson has billions of dollars. He intends to use that money in order to make certain the United States of America is under the control of its wealthy folk. After all, what do you think the American Revolution was all about–freedom for those who had money or freedom for those who did not?? After working to buy America for the Republican party, Sheldon has moved on to the next topic on his agenda to have wealthy folk all over the world control the world.

Sheldon began a free newspaper in Israel. It has zoomed in circulation and now threatens the survival of other Israel newspapers like Ma’ariv or Haaretz. Sheldon believes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a modern Moses who will lead the Israel people into gaining control of land and more land. OK, so some Palestinians are in the way, just move them further on into some desert.

Today, free newspapers to  wipe out liberal newspapers, and tomorrow the world!!