I wrote a letter to President Obama which included very specific concerns and offered suggestions on how to deal with problems. For example, based on fifty years in the field of education, I offered a critique on the disastrous policies of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and suggested the need to provide free swine flu vaccine to those lacking money. The response from the president was a form letter which mentioned his fight against terrorism, health care reform and the need to “guarantee every child complete and competitive education.” Of course, I outlined how that could be accomplished and noted the Obama education plan was destined to achieve the exact opposite of what he desires.

The concluding paragraph is what infuriated me. “Ultimately, the only way to solve the problems of our time is to involve all Americans in shaping the policies that affect our lives.” But, my letter was designed to offer new ideas in areas like education! Mr. President if you really don’t give a damn about ordinary citizens at least have your staff prepare several form letters and send the appropriate one to an individual.

Those who supported Barack Obama are learning a lesson about the man. He has his agenda, he is NOT INTERESTED IN OTHER IDEAS and provides evidence of being Bush Light. Mr. President, your Secretary of Education knows as much about education as George Bush knows about conducting foreign policy to ensure the safety of this nation.

P.S. Eight months ago in my blog I suggested allowing those without health insurance be allowed to enter Medicare. I am glad you finally got around to listening to an expert like me.