A Rose By Any Other Name Is Love!

Officials of the government of Malaysia had nothing better to do with their time this week than to worry about Valentine’s Day. Oh, there might be a few hungry people, some children who could use help in order to complete school, but let’s face it, the number one priority in February for those men is the celebration of a day on which people exchange loving feelings. Deputy Prime Minister Yassin warned that any loving on this day is “not suitable” for those of the Muslim religion. In fact, he has launched “Mind The Valentine Day’s Trap.” After all, what if people kissed and loved and avoided conflict on this day, how could we get them stirred up to hate Israel on the next day?

This is simply foolishness. In fact, Yassin wants hotel rooms checked out in order to find a man and woman making love in them. Love has no boundaries, love is found as an important aspect of human existence in ALL religions. Knock it off, Malaysia, a rose by any other name is still a rose.