A Russian Trial Is Tiresome

They do  have trials in the land of Putin, or at least, what is supposedly a trial. In a trial there is an impartial judge and an impartial jury, but this is Russia, and such concepts rarely are found to appear in a room containing a judge and some defendants. Members of the Pussy Riot band entered a church, made some nasty remarks about police, lawyers,  members of the clergy and did some singing. In most civilized nations of the world, at best, they would receive a fine for disrupting the peace. But, this is Putin, Russia

Judge Marina Syrova did not allow defense lawyers an opportunity to present witnesses for their clients. In Putin, Russia, the judge decides which witnesses a defendant can call to testify. Oh, Putin did make a remark: “I don’t think they should be judged too harshly.” His judge made clear they will be judged harshly, after all, how can she display loyalty to the big boss??

In Putin, Russia, one is guilty before the trial, during the trial and, certainly, when the verdict is rendered. Putin now can appear as neutral, but any judge in Putin, Russia, knows the Big Boss likes little people rendered silent when it comes to making comments about him.