A Sad Tale Of Religious Abuse

It is all too common on blogs to single out stories concerning abuse by priests or nuns as examples of the failure of religion. For example, a priest in Ireland is accused of sexually assaulting a young girl, and after the abuse making her say 10 Hail Marys in order to seek penance. Obviously, the priest, Father Maeliosa O’Hauallachain was attempting to manipulate the mind of a teen age girl in order for her to take on guilt for what was done to her by another human. The woman, now 42, described in detail how the priest fondled her, made her masturbate the man, and played with various parts of her body. What does this tale really reveal?

First, being a priest or imam or rabbi is no guarantee the individual is any healthier in sexual issues than the average person. Second, religion is used for immoral as well as moral desires in life. But, the question rarely raised in these examples of abuse in the Catholic religion is whether there is need to allow priests and nuns access to a healthy normal sex life. Marriage in itself is no guarantee that people are sexually content. But, certainly, there is now sufficient evidence of the need to allow marriage for priests and nuns.