A Salute For Captain Schettino!!

There are many unsung heroes in life and certainly future generations will hail the work of Captain Francesco Schettino who risked his own life when the cruise ship he captained ran into a reef. Some complain he failed to remain on the ship and aid evacuation efforts. Francesco is angry at these comments. “I didn’t even have a jacket on because I had given it to one of the passengers.” OK, some want to know why he was in the lifeboat headed to shore while passengers were being placed in lifeboats, the answer is another example of his heroism. “I tripped and I found myself in the lifeboat.”

Look at it this way. By getting in the lifeboat that meant one fewer people to evacuate. Thus his effort to be in the lifeboat can be considered an act of heroism. OK, so he sailed this huge cruise ship close to shores of the island. Francesco was trying to salute the work of a fellow gallant cruise ship captain and was speaking to him while the ship hit a reef. So, what is so wrong about showing consideration for a fellow  ship captain?

We need more men like this brave captain. By grounding his ship it created dozens of new jobs for those involved in salvaging ships!