A Sanctimonious Man Replies To Obama

It is ironic that President Obama blasted liberals and others in the Democratic Party who stood up for their country while ignoring his own failures as a leader of this nation. Actually, the so called “liberal” response was actually a “conservative” reaction to a plan that adds $800 billion to the national debt and in the process again widens the gap between middle class and the wealthy. A conservative would argue we must control the national debt, a conservative would argue we must restore purchasing power to the middle class, a conservative would argue this nation must rebuild its infrastructure. The president at no time went before the American people and explained his position. The president at no time asked support from men like Billy Gates or Warren Buffet who oppose the tax cuts. The president at no time rallied all parts of this nation. He has consistently refused to be a leader, and prefers to sit in the White House feeling abused because no one understands the great job he is doing. Can anyone imagine Franklin D. Roosevelt agreeing to this blackmail? Can anyone imagine Harry Truman allowing a bunch of hacks to bully him? Can anyone imagine John Kennedy taking it from hostage takers?

Sorry Barack, is you are concerned about sanctimonious people, take a look in the mirror.