A Saudi Hero-Raif Badawi!

The vast majority of Muslims live in nations where they can practice their religion and also enjoy the right of free speech. However, the nation of Saudi Arabia remains a stronghold of religious oppression in which a small group of clerics decide what one can or cannot say. Raif Badawi created a social media website, “Free Saudi Liberals” which offered opportunities for any Saudi to discuss issues about the nature of the Muslim religion. His goal was to stimulate “discussion,” not to destroy the Muslim religion. He was arrested in July, 2012 and now has been brought to “justice.” Fortunately, religious leaders dropped the charge of apostasy–which carries a death sentence– and attacked his religious views. His wife claims that Raif was asked by a judge “are you a Muslim?” and he responded; “Yes, and I don’t accept anyone to cast doubt on my belief.”

Naturally, since this is Saudi Arabia, that stronghold of freedom, the court found him guilty and sentenced Raif to seven years in jail along with 600 lashes. We must remember this is a modern society. Where else do they lash people in the 21st century??

  • KennyCraig

    Raif Badawi is a person worthy of respect and admiration. There is no doubt that he is a far better Muslim than those blindfolded who accused and sentenced him. One day there will be monuments for those like Raif, while those prosecutors’ names will still evoke shame and embarrassment for the whole nation.