A Secretive President

The New York Times has been among the most fervent supporters of Barack Obama since he first stepped foot on the campaign trail leading to the White House. New York Times editor, Jill Abramson blasted the president for his secretive policies which threaten the concept of a free press and reveal that beyond words of liberalism lies a heart and mind living in fear of terrorism. She termed the present administration “the most secretive White House that I have ever been involved in covering.” She cannot recall any prior administration which pursued criminal investigations against reporters such as the present. “The Obama administration has seven criminal investigations. That is “more than the number of any previous administration in history.”

Abramson, along with other members of the media feel threatened by the possibility of being charged with criminal actions if they pursue leaks from informants. Naturally, the charge will be “endangering the security of the nation.” There is something sad in having a man who spent part of his life teaching about the Constitution devote a good part of his life distorting its meaning, in the name of “national security.”