A Simple Woman, A Simple Death

She is a 41 year-old grandmother with an IQ of about 72 who became involved in a plan that resulted in the murder of her husband and stepson. She pleaded guilty of hiring two gun men to kill them in 2002. On the night of the murder, she went to bed with her husband, arose in the night, opened the door to allow the killers to enter and perform their acts of murder. Matthew Shallenberger, one of the killers, confessed that he was responsible for the entire plot and then killed himself. Teresa Lewis has become a symbol of all that is wrong with the concept of a death penalty. She intellectually ranks close to not being able to perform high level attacks, but the courts would have one believe she concocted this elaborate plan for execution of two people. Thousands of people throughout the civilized world urged the governor of Virginia to commute the sentence. She had become a Christian while in jail and might have spent her remaining life learning about the meaning of religion.

In the minutes before death, Ms. Lewis, knelt with a chaplain in prayer, then rose and walked to her death. Those who champion killing and killing can sleep peacefully tonight knowing Teresa Lewis is no longer on the loose plotting murders.