A Sin Too Far

Al-Qaeda issued a statement warning the American people they committed a “sin” by killing Osama bin Laden and pointed out they have opened the door for violent attacks and “who will protect you from assault? I am always fascinated how those who believe in a doctrine are sensitive to sins of others, but never themselves. In America, right wing fundamentalists decry gays or the “welfare” state even as they secure the blessings of a welfare state in their own daily lives and just about every so often another Minister of their faith is exposed as a predator of women. Sin all too often is what we claim is the immoral act of someone with whom we disagree.

Sin is in the eye of the beholder. Al-Qaeda, that staunch supporter of the Muslim faith has killed thousands of Muslims in their quest to protect Muslims against infidels. Of course, an IED which kills Muslim children is simply a way to speed up their journey to heaven, it is not a sin. Sarah Palin complains about the sins of the welfare state while admitting her mother took her to Canada for health care when a youngster.

I rarely use the word, “sin” for the simple reason to throw around this word is rather sinful. I hate to point out to al-Qaeda that if killing is a sin, there are millions of sinful people in their own ranks.