A Singapore Story Of A Maid

There are approximately 200 million migrants working in nations throughout the world. Their individual stories are not that significant in themselves but they frequently highlight the abuse and degradation an immigrant must endure in their struggle for survival in a strange land. Ms. Ida Lestari Ninsih, left her native Indonesia and went to Singapore in search of a better life. She soon secured employment as a maid in the home of Linn Yi Khung, who works for Singapore Airlines and his wife Aileen Lay Hoon. Within a few months of obtaining the position, Ms. Ninsih encountered abuse. Ms. Hoon hit her repeatedly, dragged her by the hair, and knocked her to the floor for failure to do tasks. Mr. Khung punched the maid in the eye, knocked her down, and dragged her along the floor as his three children watched.

Ms. Ingsin finally couldn’t take it anymore and jumped out a window and fled to the cono manager who noticed the bruises on her body and called the police. At the trial, Mr. Khung claimed the maid was lying because she didn’t want to pay the $10 fines he levied when she made mistakes. The judge did not accept his story and he was found guilty along with his wife.

The story is minor, but it reveals the daily horror which is encountered by maids and migrant workers. In many cases, they are compelled to endure further abuse because there is no friendly condo manager around to summon the police. This is simply a Singapore story but it could happen in any nation.