A Special Interest Made Public

Eddie Hayson is a man who  believes strongly that  business should serve a public need and not merely seek to make money.  He owns a brotherl in NSW and wants to expand the place by adding several additional floors containing rooms  which allow women to serve male needs. “The development is in the public interest as the regulated supply of sexual services to the community meets a  basic human need.”

We asked several American politicians to comment:

Ron Paul:  Government has no right to  tell anyone who to fuck, it says so in the Constitution.

Newt Gingrich:  Is Eddie looking for someone to  help him sell this idea to t he govcrnment?

Rick Santorum:  As long as women are not using contraceptives and making babies it is God’s will.

Mitt Romney:  Unlike my opponent, I believe in women’s rights to have sex.

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    Find out if there’s any ACORN money still floating around.  I really miss them, though.