A Speech Too Late?

It is April, 2009  and newly elected President Barack Obama appears before Congress which is controlled by the Democratic Party. The president proclaims in tough terms the importance to the American people of a program which produces jobs in order to combat growing unemployment. Who doubts that Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, would have passed such a bill in overwhelming numbers? Alas, that was the speech never given by Barack Obama. Instead, he had Congress spend endless hours dealing with a complex health insurance bill.

The result was that Republicans took control of the House of Representatives and Obama had to plead with them on the night of September 8 to pass a jobs bill. Finally, he gave the speech that should have been given three years ago! It was an excellent speech, it said the right things. It left Republican House leader, John Boehner gazing off into space every time the word, JOBS, was used.

We will soon learn if the American people, at this point, have any confidence that the procrastinating President Obama can be trusted. Time will tell.