A Speech Too Late?

Bashar al-Assad and his dead dad ruled Syria for forty years and while bringing a sense of stability to those on top of the economic ladder, left the majority of people lacking not only ba for oasic human rights, but jobs. Demonstrations have filled the streets of Syria for over a month, and finally Bashar made some conciliatory remarks to his own people. Instead of bullets from the police, he offered some calming words of peace. “Citizens need security and services, but also dignity We want to engage in dialogue with unions and the national organizations.” If these words had been spoken in March, Bashar would not be hailed as a great leader. But, after the death of innocent people who marched for freedom, it is doubtful if most Syrians actually trust their president.

However, Bashar al-Assad has more sense than President Mubarak of Egypt who dallied too long before stepping down from the presidency. Perhaps Bashar could hop on a plane and return to England where he used to live. Frankly, with the billions stored away in bank accounts, the son could live in greater peace and security than did his father.