A Statue Too Far In Senegal Arouses Muslims

I confess to not being a Muslim, but like many, I attempt to comprehend how another religion views the world, but sometimes, what concerns others baffles me. An important imam in Senegal issued a fatwa against a new statue which celebrates the “African Renaissance” because the construction depicts a human form in some form of worship. The statue will be higher than the Statue of Liberty and the man, woman and child will sit on a hill overlooking the capital city of Dakar. According to imam Massamba Diop, who issued the fatwa and urged that it be read in mosques in an effort to “ask Allah to preserve us from the punishment this monument of shame risks bringing on Senegal.”

I gather this means Mohammad or God or some figure in the sky will halt whatever is on his mind and rush to Senegal, take one look at the monument, heave a sigh of anger and send a thunderbolt of anger to smash it to pieces. How about a fatwa against poverty or persecution of young girls who are forced into marriage?