A Strange Murder Mystery

Renata chatted with her friends as she got dressed in a beautiful new gown of white. They laughed and joked about what would happen this evening when she consummated the marriage in the arms of a man for whom she had nothing but love and admiration. Her best friend gave her a hug and whispered that her boyfriend, who was the best man, told her that his friend was so joyous today to marry her. The party got ready, they came to the door, it opened and they could see the gathered friends and relatives smiling with admiration at the beauty of Renata. Her father came to take her arm and they walked down the corridor to exclamations about her beauty. Her husband-to-be, Rogerio Damascena, stood with a smile on his face as she slowly approached. She wondered what was the surprise he promised everyone last night. Perhaps, he had purchased a special wedding ring. Time would allow her to learn what he had prepared for his new wife.

Vows of love and friendship were exchanged. They kissed and she felt the passion of her new husband. Rogerio stepped back, and announced he would now deliver the surprise. Slowly, he reached inside his jacked, out came a revolver, he pointed it at Renata,a bullet shot out from the barrel, then he turned the revolver toward his best man and shot him. Finally, Rogerio aimed the weapon at his head, fired and his body slumped to the floor.

Panic broke out as people dashed for the doors. Some just stood in shocked amazement. There was no evidence of any relationship between Renata and the best man. It was confusing, bewildering, and surprising that Rogerio had killed his wife, his best friend and himself.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?