A Stroll To Death

I was raised on the streets of the South Bronx in New York City during the Depression. We walked the streets during the day or at night without any fear because what exactly could anyone do to harm another person? Diren D. came from Germany to Missoula, Montana in order to enjoy a year among Americans as an exchange student. He came from a society in which few people wandered the world with guns loaded ready to blast away. One night, Diren was supposed to attend a party, but the person with the car never showed up. He got together with a fellow exchange student named Robby who came from Ecuador. They decided to go for a walk. There were no street lights and darkness made visual sight very difficult. They glanced toward houses, most of them rather modern and owned by those with wealth. They walked past a garage that was open. Robby thought Diren was behind him and kept on walking.

However, Diren simply glanced into the garage and was probably interested in the modern equipment. Little did he know that Markus Kaarma and his partner, Jannelle Plager had placed a motion sensor in the garage to ward off prowlers. Most probably Diren heard the sound of a beep as it informed those in the house that someone was in the garage. Markus grabbed his shotgun, Janelle flashed on the lights, Markus shouted, ” I see you,”and blasted away. Diren died.

Just a night time stroll to death. Why? Because he was in the land of guns and guns eventually mean someone will die. Just another innocent person dead because of the American mania for guns and death!