A Successful Marriage?

Statistically, about half of those being married today in the United States of America who say, “I do” really mean, “I don’t.” Jordan Linn raham decided to marry Cody Lee JOhnson. They went to a chapel, got hitched and headed off to a few days of heavenly bliss–and good sex–to Glacier National Park in Montana. It is known they arrived in Glacier Park, it is known they went for a walk, it is known they gazed out at the gorgeous scenery, and it is known that Mr. Cody Lee Jonhnson wound up at the bottom of a cliff. Mms. Graham claims they never did get to the park, but her husband went off by himself to gaze at wondrous sights. One wonders why Ms. Graham was not on the trip with her newly wed husband. She inisted that when her husband did not show up for work, it was a mystery to her.

Second thoughts? How about a short fall off a cliff? Second thoughts, maybe he should go on the honeymoon by himself? Oh well, so she really meant, ” I don’t.” Just join the crowd at the nearest wedding.