A Swim Too Far In Myanmar!

It is still unclear exactly what happened in Myanmar when allegedly an American decided to take a swim in a lake that borders the home of dissident leader Aung San Suu Kyi and somehow wound up in her house. In the nation of Myanmar swimming is OK, but swimming near the home of dissident leader who is under house arrest is tantamount to attempting to overthrow the government of the country. The American Embassy in Myanmar only knows someone whose name might have been “John William Yeatlaw” either swam or didn’t swim or went into the lake or didn’t go into the lake, but, in any circumstance, he wound up creating an international uproar. Unfortunately, Ms. Suu Kyi could wind up facing severe penalties from the government if she allowed a strange man to enter her house. Under the laws of Myanmar, anyone who has an overnight visitor in their home must inform local authorities because the unknown is what terrifies the military junta of Myanmar.

Myanmar is governed by a group of paranoid military men who fear anything they have not sanctioned including swimming in lakes that are close to the home of the lady they fear more than any other person on the planet.