A Tale Of A Boy And Girl And Death

This is the story about a young American boy and a young German girl, both of whom became involved in death. It is not a  profound tale of great events, simply a story of how two teenage youngsters wound up confronting life and death issues in their lives. We devote so much  time and space dealing with great human issues that all too often we forget the lives –and deaths- of ordinary humans. One was born in America, the other was born in Germany. One lies dead, the other is experiencing a post death experience.

Everette Howard, 18, was participating in an Upward Bound program at the University of Cincinnati when something happened which resulted in his death. It is still unclear, but police were summoned to a dormitory about an alleged assault when they encountered the boy. He was apparently distraught and agitated. Police told him to back off but the boy continued advancing. A policeman fired his stun gun, the boy collapsed on the floor. He was incoherent, and within moment went into cardiac arrest and died.

She was  born in Germany of a Turkish immigrant family living in Berlin. Sema,(not her real name) grew up as a German child whose parents had come from a distant land. Her father opened a coffee shop and it did well. She went off to school and one day told her parents they served pork at school during lunch. Her parents refused to allow her to return to school and in the following years Sema was an alone child living in a world in which  Turkish children could not play or interact with non-Turkish children.

One night after another argument between her parents, the young girl of 13 swallowed two bottles of pills and nearly died. She returned to the apartment, she returned to her life alone. These days as she walks through Berlin her eyes frequently see a sign which says: “End Your Silence, Not Your Life” and offers a telephone number.

This is simply another story about a young boy and a young girl. Their tales of anguish will never become known to the world. One is dead, the other lives a life which makes her consider death as an alternative.