A Tale Of Hate And Violence

Simchon Schwartz is a Jewish man living in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn whose inhabitants identify with Israel and the hate emanating from that region of the world. A new family moved into the neighborhood last month whose name is Turan. They came from Turkey and got a house where they hoped to live in peace and friendship with Jewish people. However, Simchon was an angry man. He did not like Arabs and assumed if one was an Arab then it follows the person was a terrorist. He got into an argument with Mustafa Turan which escalated as he turned on Mrs. Selda Turan. He began shouting, “Fucking Arabs, Fucking terrorists” and then poured beer over her head. The police were summoned and Simchon assaulted them, even kicking out a window in the police car. His wife, Esther, told the media, “this is a majority Jewish neighborhood” which to her meant no Muslims allowed. She even shouted at the Turan family, “we are going to get you back.” Simchon claims Mr. Turan assaulted him, but the only evidence police could find were three stitches on the nose of Mr. Turan.

The Schwartz family is a bit confused. People from Turkey are NOT Arabs. In fact, there are people of all religions living in Turkey, including Christians–and, even Jews. This is simply another tale of Jews not acting like Jews. I was raised in a Jewish neighborhood in which we had some Christians. In our neighborhood, the goal was friendship, not hate.