A Tale Of Rulers

There are times in life when one wonders how the Western world comes to an agreement as to who is a tyrant and who is simply a man defending democracy against those seeking to abuse democracy. Syria is ruled by a “bad man” who throws into prison, beats up, or kills those who do not like his rule. Bahrain is ruled by King Hamid bin Isa al-Halifa who believes fervently in the principles of democracy and is more than willing to throw into jail anyone who disagrees with his definition of democracy.

The king of Bahrain rules over people who mainly are of a different religion and want complete freedom of religion. Four men are currently on trial for the terrible act of “defaming the king.” If one has a king, then it is only fitting and democratic to allow him to rule without being pestered by those who just don’t get the message–listen to your KING!

One man who committed the crime of twittering disagreement with the King will now spend six months in jail relearning the meaning of freedom of speech. I forgot, a government spokesman clarified there is “abuse of freedom of speech,” and there is freedom of speech. When in Bahrain just remember if you twitter make certain it is a twitter using the correct form of freedom of speech!