A Tale Of The Convoy That Got Hijacked

Seven long years ago, American forces swept through Afghanistan and send the Taliban government fleeing eastward. Normally, it might be assumed having evicted the enemy, the US would begin the task of training and equipping a new Afghanistan army to assume responsibility for peace in their nation. But, the United States is led by George Bush for whom simple solutions rarely enter his mind. Seven years later, the Taliban wander through Afghansitan and control large sections of the land. A convoy of supplies bound for American forces in Afghanistan was hijacked by the Taliban and will undoubtedly be used to equip Taliban forces. Sixty insurgents blocked roads and took the military vehicles–along with the drivers.

There are incidents such as these which raise questions as to the planning and implementation of effective means of combating the Taliban. At points, they appear to regard Afghanistan as their land and US and coalition forces as unwelcome guests. How can a convoy of military equipment be hijacked by sixty insurgents?