A Tale Of Three People

There is something about the Middle East which engenders deceit, arrogance and defiance among its leaders, thus the result is chaos and destruction. Arab leaders for over fifty years refused to enter into negotiations with Israel leaders causing stalemate and confusion over how to resolve acquisition of land following the Israel victory in the Six Day War of the 1960s. President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority finally agreed to talk, did talk with Israel Prime Minister Olmert, and wound up rejecting a solution to the West Bank. Once Olmert left office to be replaced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu any and all sensible ideas to resolve the West Bank issues have ended. A new pattern has emerged.

US Secretary of State John Kerry rushes to the Middle East.

John Kerry talks with President Abbas and attains concessions.

John Kerry then rushes to discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Some sort of agreement is attained. Usually, a few Palestinian prisoners are released.

John Kerry heads home.

As soon as John Kerry departs, Israel announces construction of new homes in the West Bank.

President Abbas becomes furious and threatens to go to the UN and complain.

John Kerry rushes to the Middle East.

The game goes on and on and on.