A Tale Of Two Koreas

We live in strange times when a nut case named Kim Song-Il can bring the world to its knees by firing a few shells in the direction of an island. China, which not only fears the collapse of its neighbor, but fears the growth in power of its neighbor, simply does not know what to do in the current crisis. If North Korea is not supported and its leaders lose power, over its border with China will come the starving masses of people who inhabit a world trapped in the past and lacking any knowledge of what is happening in the modern world. If China supports North Korea it might inadvertently send a message of cooperation in Kim Song-il’s policy of creating a crisis for the simple reason if his people are in crisis with those outside the nation, they will not pay as much attention to the crisis of starvation within the nation.

So, what can the US do? Our leading expert on the Far East, Sarah Palin, urges that we stand firm. Beyond saying we stand firm, Ms. Palin has nothing other to add than we should encourage North Korea to hold dancing contests so her daughter can win something. The Republicans are shocked at the Obama policy even though it is fairly consistent with the policy of George Bush. Then again, Republicans would oppose any and all Obama policies because they are Obama policies.