A Tale Of Two Men

Andrew Cuomo is the son of a great New York governor, Mario Cuomo, and he is now the governor of that state. He entered office facing a budget deficit of $10 billion, which had to be addressed. He also confronted the vexing issue of gay marriage which had constantly failed to pass in the New York legislature. Cuomo did the impossible. He cut spending and he raised taxes in order to handle the deficit. He confronted his allies in unions and got them to grasp they now lived in an era in which some of the former goodies of politics would not be available. He went through the state talking up the issue of gay marriage. Cuomo approached those who gave money to Republican legislators and persuaded them to hold off on donations until State Senators finally agreed to pass a gay marriage bill. It passed by a vote of 33-29 and New York became the largest state in the nation which allows gay marriage.

Barack Obama was the first black skinned person to become president of the United States. In the 1990s he supported gay marriage, but once he began running for the presidency, he affirmed his belief that marriage was between a man and a woman. He insists his ideas on gay marriage are “evolving,” whatever that means. A man who comes from those persecuted and denied civil rights refuses to support those today who are persecuted and denied civil rights. Barack Obama never met an issue that might cost votes from which he would not run away. Of course, Obama never met an issue on which he would take a stand.

This is a tale of two men. One fights for the rights of the oppressed, the other whose family was oppressed, fights for the easy way out in a problem.