A Talk To Talk

Two delegations will be sitting down together in a small village on the border of South and North Korea in  order to have a talk about whether they should really talk together. The village of Panmunjon was the scene of attempts at negotiation between North Korea and the US together with its ally, South Korea. They talked and talked for two years before finally agreeing on anything that would allow the talks to lead to some form of agreement. After two years of Kim Jong-un shouting and threats and warnings, two delegations are back in Panmumjon in order to attempt another effort at agreeing to talk about something.

They will talk, they will negotiate and, hopefully, they may actually agree on something about something. In the end, Kim Jong-un will finally have to grasp the world really does not give a damn what he thinks or desires but will insist on an end to nuclear weapons. That is the bottom line and nothing less will suffice. I hate to tell the pudgy little man, but his nation does not have oil to bargain for freedom to do as it desires.